Treats for the Sweet Tooth

Nila Hagood May 21, 2018

Top 10 favorite candies today

Each one of us has a sweet side, but the best kind of sweetness is the sweet taste of your favorite candy. Kids and kids at heart are big fans of candies and chocolates because it’s a guilty pleasure that no one can withstand. For the sweet tooth, eating candies feels like heaven, and some even feel happy when consuming swee . . .

Survival Guide: How to Survive in a forest

Nila Hagood May 18, 2018

The best survival guide you need to know


We as a people have always been good at surviving because it’s how we were naturally programmed. Come to think of it, the city is more like a concrete jungle; and we are doing our best to survive work, traffic, and other challenges we experience every day. We have mastered surviving technological advance . . .

How to Love Solo Travel

Nila Hagood May 7, 2018

10 reasons to travel alone

Some may think that traveling solo is lonely or boring, but guess again—it’s the opposite of what everyone is thinking. Not everyone wants to have a travel buddy while traveling the world, although it’s also fun to have someone with you. But traveling alone can also give you an experience of a lifetime that you can write of . . .

How to Help Someone Who Is Bullied

Nila Hagood April 23, 2018

What to do if you are being bullied

Have you ever been bullied, or have you bullied someone? There are many forms of bullying. It can be verbal, social, and physical. Did you know that bullying is unhealthy for a person? It can affect a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, and it can greatly affect the way they think about themselves.

Being bulli . . .

Existence of Magical Creatures

Nila Hagood April 16, 2018

Introduction to magical creatures

The enchantment and allure of magic captivates millions of us.  Just look at the success of JKRowling’s “Harry Potter” series, or “The Lord of the Rings”, or “Bewitched” and Charmed, to name a few

Magic seems to resonate with a deep chord in our psyches.  Perhaps i . . .