Moments, mystery, and memory

Three Ms of Life—Moment, Mystery, and Memory

Nila Hagood June 25, 2018

Know the mystery of human experience

Each of our lives is full of moments, mystery, and memories; and it’s what makes us all unique. As the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” goes, a person can never be judged by the way he or she acts or looks. Because each person holds a story and is the reason why they act a certain way. People hold on to . . .

Facts about Knighthood

Nila Hagood June 18, 2018

The history of knighthood

The history of knighthood began before the Crusades even started. In the early Roman Republic, this class was called the equites (later, equestrians when the republic transitioned to the empire), composing entirely of the first class of commoners in Roman society. These soldiers were considered masters of horsema . . .

How Does Love Change a Person?

Nila Hagood June 4, 2018

Revealing remarkable secrets about the power of love

Change is very constant; every hour, the Earth rotates and the position of the sun changes to give each part of the world a share of its light. But change doesn’t only occur in the obvious because change could also happen in love.

As the saying goes, “Love makes the world go ’round.” This mean . . .

Life Lessons in Life

Nila Hagood May 28, 2018

Revealing remarkable life lessons for teens

Whoever said that teenage life is as easy as spelling the word pie? Teenage years are the years where every single detail is worth overthinking, every little thing has a deeper meaning, and other things are worth assuming. Yet out of all the hustle, there are life lessons embedded during this stage.

S . . .

Treats for the Sweet Tooth

Nila Hagood May 21, 2018

Top 10 favorite candies today

Each one of us has a sweet side, but the best kind of sweetness is the sweet taste of your favorite candy. Kids and kids at heart are big fans of candies and chocolates because it’s a guilty pleasure that no one can withstand. For the sweet tooth, eating candies feels like heaven, and some even feel happy when consuming swee . . .